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Below you will also find WatchDog Inspectors Covid 19 procedures.


To insure the health and safety of inspectors, clients, agents, homeowners and other persons whom WatchDog Inspectors may come in contact with, we have implemented the following procedures and recommendations to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.  As a company we have taken InterNachi’s (Covid-19 Safety Guidelines for Home Inspectors and Contractors Course) and adhere’s to InterNachi’s Covid-19 safety guidelines.   

Covid19 Inspection Procedures

 1)  Prior to entering the premises the inspector will clean hands with disinfecting wipes or hand sanitizer.  
2)  Inspectors will self  check themselves for symptoms of acute respiratory illness or high temperatures (100.4°F [38.0°C] and higher) before starting their workday and notify their client and/or agent and stay home if they are sick. 
3) Inspectors will practice common sense health and hygiene practices such as handwashing, covering coughs, etc.
4) We ask that clients and agents limit the number of persons attending the inspection.  (If possible please do not bring additional persons, such as children, friends, or other relatives to the inspection during this time and that the homeowner and occupants leave the home prior to the inspection.
5)  During the inspection we ask that clients follow at a safe distance as much as possible and recommend that agents consider waiting outside.
6)  During the inspection the inspector will refrain from handshakes and avoid close proximity as much as possible.
7)  During the inspection the inspector will wear a face mask
8) During the inspection the inspector will clean common touch points with disinfecting wipes after touching.  (For example  Faucets, and door knobs)
9) During the inspection we encourage everyone to stay home if they are sick. This includes:  Inspectors, clients, family members, agents, contractors etc

10)  We ask that the sellers of the property review our Occupant Virus Release and Hold Harmless Agreement.